Real Ghost Stories of New Hampshire


My two passions in life (besides my children, of course) and learn to write about ghosts and ghost stories.
So I decided to do research in my ghost sightings around the country. Boy, I'm surprised EV er. I did not
to realize the spirit that so many have here. Here are just samplings of the most popular ones.Old Center Cemetery is located in the Main Street in Andover. I live about 10 minutes from here and I have never heard this story often arise. But it turns out, is big in a small town in Andover. I think this is a cool ghost sighting I never heard of. There are reports of a woman with long hair and dress that will flow to wave your hands in the grave with the right. He was always visible in the far left corner of the cemetery.

The neat is that it will appear to you if you are located outside the cemetery, and only at night as the lighted outline. If you walk into the grave, he disappeared. Ben Hargrove is another popular people in the cemetery. Apparently he saw one night to make arrangements with the devil in the house. After that, he left for a few days back and gravely ill. That night he appeared at a town meeting that neighbors who want to take him in and they reject all Ben suddenly ran toward the church. Then he just seems lost. He was buried in the ashes outside the city walls in an unmarked grave grave. His ghost is said to appear outside the cemetery wall and he was seen flagging down a car by the side road and then just disappear.

Located in Henniker, Ocean-Born Mary United States is one of the famous ghosts. Mary was born in the sea when his parents sailed aboard The Wolf. It was taken over by pirates after leaving Boston Harbor. The pirate leader, Don Pedro, agreed to let the passengers continue their journey without injury if the name of Wilson's baby Mary, after her mother that she loved dearly. They agreed with the request.

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