tuyul appearance in Bogor, tuyul often accused as a thief of money. reveal themselves in the city of Bogor. tuyul appearance this video really makes people surprised, because the money they thought was a burglar in their area. after this video tuyul appearance. the bogor residents already know who's stealing their money. we can see in the video, appeared tuyul ora behind two teenagers who were playing guitar at night in front of their house. suddenly a strange creature appeared behind them with a scary face. and it was a ghost that appeared tuyul themselves. tuyul ghost turned out to be no small or stunted as in filmed on television. tuyul ghost has proved a great body. and have a scary face. tuyul ghost began to walk behind 2 boys. in a way that crawling ghost oooooowww tuyul very scary at all. you can see the video ghost down here.

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