Penampakan Mbah Petrok di Merapi


gambar mbah petruk merapi

Residents around Mount Merapi believe that Mbah Petruk was furious, that's what makes Mount Merapi bergelegar awesome on Thursday morning (4/11/2010).

Continuous rumble that comes from the top of Mount Merapi lava slide until you hear until the City Muntilan, Magelang regency, Central Java.

"Si Mbah (Mbah Petruk) more furious. That's why the explosion did not stop constantly, the sound of avalanches continued to be heard," said Gono, residents Juwono Hamlet, Village Ngadipuro, Shaman District, Magelang District.

He traveled from her village to the city of Muntilan District, located about 18 kilometers, in Magelang, Thursday. He is riding a motorcycle from her village toward Muntilan it stated, was horrified at these intensely glowing sound. "All of volcanic ash covered roads, many trees were uprooted by a falling ash," he said.

Meanwhile Jaswadi, from Hamlet Tangkil, Ngargomulyo Village, District Shaman, said he had to travel by motorcycle from refugee camps in building Employees Cooperative Republic of Indonesia (KPRI), "Widodo" Shaman in the City District, about 15 kilometers west of the peak of Merapi to the city Muntilan.

"Along the way there was constant loud sound was glowing," he said. Ash rain also hit him a raincoat to wear it along the way Shaman-Muntilan.

He said the number of people riding a motorcycle through the streets in some villages on Merapi's western region. "They use raincoats and hold my nose and mouth using a mask, motorcycle lights turned on," he said.

Several other residents, he said, riding a motorcycle towards his village on higher ground than the City District Shaman who allegedly wanted to return to his village.

He said there were no four-wheeled vehicles that pass through a number of road-Muntilan Shaman. He said, quite a lot of good trees are uprooted and leaning on the road by a falling volcanic ash intensively.

The displaced residents in various villages Merapi last of the west peak of Merapi are still holding various refugee camps, especially in the area of the City District Shaman.

Until around 08.30 pm the rain was still flushed the ashes of the City Muntilan, while bikers seen wearing a raincoat, covering your nose and mouth with a mask, and turned on the light vehicle.

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