Batu Merah Delima Dari Tempat Berhantu


today i would like to talk about merah delima mustika. this is all about mystical stone in Indonesia. If you ever know at “pemburu hantu” or another mystical program at television, some time we find some think which is called “Pusaka alam gaib”. look at the picture above. you can not find batu merah delima at any places in the world. you only can find it at the mythical placess. here today i would like to talk about “mustika merah delima” have you ever know about it? this is a mystical stone that have a beautifull light when you place it at a water of a glasses. if you find it, it is true thet you can not take this stone as easy as you take the common stone. this stone is kept by the jin ghost. if you have more mythical picture like thisyou can send it to us and we will publish it at this blogBatu Merah Delima Dari Tempat Berhantu

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