Long history Mummy Papua/ HANTU MUMI PAPUA WAMENA


Most people in the world mengidentikkan Mummy with Egypt because of the history of the Mummy of Pharaoh in Egypt. However, the long history of mummy also have people living in Papua.

In a study conducted in the late 1980s until the early 1990s, has seven mummy found in Jayawijaya regency and Yahukimo. Seventh Mummy are in:

(a) Kurulu Sub-District, northern city of
Wamena 3 mummy;

(b) Assologaima Sub-district, western city of Wamena 3 mummy,

(c) and a mummy in the district of Kurima District. Yahokimo is the only
female mummy.

From the seventh mummy, mummy only Werupak Elosak in the village of Aikima and mummy Wimontok Mabel in the village of Yiwika - Subdistrict Kurulu - Jayawijaya District, which is known by travelers to domestic and overseas to visit the Jayawijaya district because indigenous people the opportunity to the people outside to watch them. However, to see the mummy, mummy, the tourists have to pay.

Mummy Werupak Elosak (when the name is still alive) is approximately 230 years. The traditional clothing worn, such as koteka, still intact. He is the commander of war and died as a result of puncture wounds sege (spear). The wound is still clearly visible until now.
Werupak as the mummy find, in addition to honor service during his life, also because Werupak own request. He wanted to
mayatnya preserved.

This is different from the
mummy Wimontok Mabel. He is the head of a tribe. Wimontok war continue to have meaning. Because he lives during the war chieftain of strategists. Wimontok die of old age and give testament to the family that jasadnya preserved. In terms of size, the mummy is smaller than the Weropak. However, the conditions are better.

Every five years once held ceremony to roll kind necklace in the neck Wimontok. Cutting ceremony was accompanied by a pig. Fat from the pork and smeared it all over the body to mummify. Tersebutlah necklace from the age estimates obtained mummy, which is about 382 years.

The mummy is made by rolling out the sacred ceremony. Followed by evaporation remains for three months continuously. After a mummy, further treatment is handled men only. Because, according to local custom, women will make the touch mummy to be damaged and calamitous for women and the environment. Mummy, mummy is only placed in a wooden box and stored in pilamo, traditional houses special men.

Not all corpses / to find that, or be allowed to become a
mummy. Only the services that have large as the head of the tribe or clan war commander who allowed the customary mummify.

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