ghost story/hantu kuburan tua


Spirit is a form of `kare spirits. If spirits someone pulled out, the spirits are called Allah SWT for mempertanggung-jawabkan charitable in the world.

In many history dikabarkan that when the corpse when the introduction leaving graves, corpses that spirits can still hear the sound of sandals to leave their tombs.

The spirits of the natural grave questions about angels. And if the result is good, then the natural kuburnya made a beautiful and fun. And vice versa.

Therefore, there is said that spirits return to the natural world and interact with people who are still alive, primarily from the need to question the source of sharih, damp Nash Al-Koran al-Karim and a new word. Moreover, when the spirit gentayangan and revenge as in the horror movie. All that is necessary is based on information that clearly based on Nash.

Indeed, while there is a history that is, for example, that spirit is still around the house for a week and can see how the family members who do kemaksiatan. But if we become creatures kasat eyes, retaliatory action, kill or scandal, certainly a new question. Because of doing the act of tyranny is a crime and that the birth of sin. And how this spirit should - sins that, while he has since died, and someone died, the charitable note is closed.

If there are, then the deeds that have been carried out first in the world that have long effects, both good and charity charity disrepute. But back to the world and make RADIO, what position? while the person is already dead and charitable records have been closed since the end pick. So what if this spirit back to earth and the people sholeh, repent, enforce prayer, fasting, pilgrimage and all the charity. What is charitable when he received is dead.

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