Foto hantu wajah

My name is Ron Southwell and I have a weird photo that I would like your opinion on. It was taken with a brand new digital camera, Olympus model FE 210 with a brand new xd memory card. So I was playing with the camera settings and trying the candlelight setting. I was sitting on the couch about 5 feet from the subject and took the photo that I have attached to this email. It was night time and only a few of the lights were on in the room as well as the large screen tv which was directly infront of my subject about 12 feet away. The flash was used. After taking the picture I checked it using the view screen and was kind of amazed to see another figure in the image in the lower left hand corner of the picture. It looks like a man’s face but I just have no explanation for how it got there. I had taken a few photos using the camera that day and then erased them from the memory but none of the photos were of a man’s face. The face does not resemble anyone that was in the apartment. There was only myself and my sister in the room at the time and she was holding her 6 month old baby.
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penampakan hantu di dekat meriam perang

penampakan hantu di dekat meriam perang

Ghost at Gettysburg

This picture was taken by Chris Payne of Woodbridge, New Jersey at the Gettysburg National Battlefield in 1988. The camera used was a simple 110 Instamatic with a flash around dusk. Next to Terri Payne and by the wheel of the cannon can clearly be seen a strange bluish white mist. No other picture on the roll displayed anything similar in configuration. Closer examination seems to indicate a face within the fog. It was not visible to the naked eye.
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ghost picture


Swirling forms in the graveyard

An SX-70 picture taken by a Ms. Sahah of Chicago, Illinois in November of 1982 at the gravesite of her grandmother who died in April of 1934 at the age of 83. It appears to be a double- exposure but this is long before that was possible with an SX-70 camera. In this model, the film exits the camera and develops in your hand in sixty seconds. There are two distinct figures in the fog; one of a girl in long brown hair apparently holding a black animal in her lap and an older boy with his left arm around her waist. His right arm actually trails out of the photograph towards the bottom center. He is wearing a blue t-shirt with some sort of writing on it.

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penampakan hantu bayangan merah di hutan

Penampakan hantu
penampakan hantu bayangan merah di hutan

Red Spectre in the forest

This photograph was taken near a river in a forest preserve by a Ms. Mock. There is no direct sunlight that would cause this type of lens flare effect and it surely isn't the first or last picture on a roll of film because the reddish blur is near the center of the photograph. It actually takes on the shape of a human being.
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foto hantu di belakang orang

foto hantu di belakang orang border=penampakan hantu bayangan putih

Figure in the background

Not too much is known about the specifics of this photograph except the couple are now both deceased. To the right of the tree in the upper right-hand corner is a definite misty shape in the form of a human being.
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Ghost Faces in the window

Ghost Faces in the windowpenampakan hantu di jendela

This picture was taken by the husband of the woman in the picture on a sunny afternoon with ordinary print film. They had just moved into their new home in Chicago, Illinois. In the window to the left of them clearly shows a older woman with her hair put up in a bun and a bulldog next to her. There was no one in the house at the time of the picture taking.
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Confederate Ghost

Confederate Ghost

gambar hantu
This photograph was taken by a tourist visiting the Confederate cemetery near Carnton Mansion in Franklin, Tennessee. Nothing out of the ordinary was seen when the picture was taken however if you look to the upper right of the photograph, hovering in the trees appears to be a figure of man in uniform. Closer examination suggests him to be a Confederate soldier.
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Hantu-Hantu Indonesia

Hantu Raya in early Malay animism, refers to a supreme ghost or demon that acts as a double for a black magic practitioner. Like the Toyol it has a master. In Malay folklore, it is a spirit which is suppose to confer the owner with great power. Hantu means ghost and raya, great, in Malay.

Hantu Raya originates in Malaysia and is said to be the master of all ghosts (hantu). It is the leader of the underworld legion and those who make alliance with it, are considered powerful. Hantu Raya is the acronym for Hantu or Ghost and Raya, large, huge, supreme, enormous, great, as in "Malaysia Raya" and "Asia Raya" and Hari Raya (Great Celebration or Festival).

In modern Islamic Malay culture, the belief in Hantu Raya is no longer valid, but rather it is identified with a demon, Satan and the Djinn (Genie). Muslims believe that djinns and demons are more powerful than man but less intelligent.


Ghost Appearance at the Forest

One of my reasons not take a photo in the night is I’m afraid if a mysterious feature appears here; whatever they are, including an appearance of a mysterious picture behind my neighbor like this. It frightens me.It’s very rare an animal ghosts appear. It’s an appearance of cat in the western country. Why does it looked very cute? It doesn’t that frighten, does it?.

penampakan hantu pocong putih

Urrggh…. I don’t like this. Why should my friend give this picture to me? He said “I have an unforgettable experience, so I will share it to you. Please keep it, Bro”. Hell no!!!!

penampakan gambar hantu penunggu hutan

Can I consider it as a forests guardian ghost? If I could I would ask to save our forests from illegal logging.

penampakan gambar hantu foto bersama

A mysterious face appears between this family. It seems it is a woman ghost. It’s very bother the mood because of her dark and frightening face

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hantu di malaysia

Hantu Di Malaysia - The best home videos are here

Ghost cought by video. Watch Video about Ghosts,Cought,By by ... Hantu Di Malaysia. Tags: Ghosts Cought By Cameras. A Hantu demon is a legendary evil spirit or demon in Philippine mythology.
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Primbon hantu indonesia -The Shadow Ghost

Take a look at this tall dark and transparent appearance. It seems that he wears such kind of formal cloth. Does he want to join the party? ghost like human, her like in the darknes
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Hantu mahluk aneh

you may not be watching this image clearly as same as me, but the mystic of indonesia especialy for java and their ceremony, make everything has related to magical power. as what you see at the photos above, some time indonesian people do not provide the think that should be profided for the mistical human. then they came to the human life to ask for it, but it just my guest.
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hantu arwah

Spirit is a form of `kare spirits. If spirits jasadnya someone pulled out, the spirits are called mengahadap Allah SWT for mempertanggung-jawabkan charitable in the world.

In many history dikabarkan that when the corpse when the introduction leaving graves, corpses that spirits can still hear the sound of sandals to leave their tombs.

The spirits of the natural grave questions about angels. And if the result is good, then the natural kuburnya made a beautiful and fun. And vice versa.

Therefore, there is said that spirits return to the natural world and interact with people who are still alive, primarily from the need to question the source of sharih, damp Nash Al-Koran al-Karim and a new word. Moreover, when the spirit gentayangan and revenge as in the horror movie. All that is necessary is based on information that clearly based on Nash.
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penampakan hantu kuntilanak di atas pohon

ghost appearance in the nature of the tree. images that capture the real-time team photographer we are not deliberately taking a tree that is sitting next to uspenampakan hantu kuntilanak di atas pohon

Pontianak by ©NAPIE.penampakan hantu kuntilanak di atas pohon
“Pontianak” is one of the most famous, scariest and violent ghost in the Malaysian culture. Primarily, the Malays believe that it originates from a still born child, women who dies while giving birth, women who were killed by the pontianak or their spirits captured by them. The phrase “Pontianak” was believed from the acronym of “Perempuan Mati Beranak” in the Malay language, meaning the woman death by childbirth.
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hantu kucing or cat ghost

pocong kucing
cat died, the tomb shows how people with the pocong. wash in, it is a treatment that is very good. indeed in question, if we hit a cat cat we must pray that he is not bringing bad things on our aygn. will not become a ghost. because the ghost cat terrifying pocong.
pocong jadi-jadian
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Batu Merah Delima Dari Tempat Berhantu

today i would like to talk about merah delima mustika. this is all about mystical stone in Indonesia. If you ever know at “pemburu hantu” or another mystical program at television, some time we find some think which is called “Pusaka alam gaib”. look at the picture above. you can not find batu merah delima at any places in the world. you only can find it at the mythical placess. here today i would like to talk about “mustika merah delima” have you ever know about it? this is a mystical stone that have a beautifull light when you place it at a water of a glasses. if you find it, it is true thet you can not take this stone as easy as you take the common stone. this stone is kept by the jin ghost. if you have more mythical picture like thisyou can send it to us and we will publish it at this blogBatu Merah Delima Dari Tempat Berhantu
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foto hantu nyata

This ghost images from the original camera is not man-made, this is the fact that it never happens in the other world before. now all the photos that get in easily with the site. all ghosts are frightening, but it is all the ghosts will not make us go mad and diepenampakan hantu di kamar
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penampakan hantu di belakang kantor polewali

ghost appearance in the back office RRI Samarinda. see white shadows in the men's side. white frightening figure is communicating with him. he seems not afraid of the devil is in the human lower rank in the country human.
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The other world events that have been there in the first trans TV( dunia lain) , we now have the specter of a video camera recordings show the world another, this is ghsot video recording on lawang sewu seamrang. one of thousands human have ghost experiance in lawang sewu semarang



have you ever watch the ghost hunter at indonesia TV station? it is all about Pemburu Hantu in indonesia. Not satisfied he decided to film it again moths later, with results that will shock. actually we can not see the real ghost that we can find at pemburu hantu. it is only the paranormal which is doing and catching the ghost. by the way we can find the ghost hunter in another country as you can watch at the videos above

Penampakan Di Gunung Mas Puncak Saat Rombongan Wisata Gading Pusat Motor Community

Penampakan Di Gunung Mas Puncak Saat Rombongan Wisata Gading Pusat Motor Community
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ghost hand (behind the man on the internet cafee)

you will love this collection of ghost images that appear when people want to come home from the cafe
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Penampakan Hantu Di Air Terjun Cibeureum, Gunung Gede
Penampakan Hantu Di Lapangan Parkir RSUD Kepanjen Malang (Kamera HP)
Asap Misterius Saat Nonton Bareng Inter VS AC Milan Di Gillian Cafe, Plaza Semanggi
Penampakan Sosok Wanita Misterius Di Lampung
Penampakan Kaki Genderuwo Pada Acara Seserahan (Medan, 4 Mar 07)
Penampakan Sosok Misterius Di Asrama
Penampakan Sosok Misterius Di Pesta SMA Palembang
Penampakan Sosok Misterius Di J-TOPIA
Foto Kuntilanak Di Daerah Ciganjur, Jakarta Selatan (Kamera HP Nokia 3200, Jam 11 Malam)
Wewe Penunggu Jembayan Layang
Penampakan Keris Misterius Saat Camping Di Desa Citameang, Mega Mendung, Bogor
Di Intip Sosok Misterius
Penampakan Hantu Di Taman Sari Yogyakarta
Penampakan Di UNAIR
Penampakan Pada Acara MAKRAB Fak. Teknik UGM (Jur. Teknik Geomatika) Di Hutan Wanagama 1
Penampakan Setan Di Bus Yang sedang Berjalan (Perjalanan Pulang Dari Bali, Jam 9 Malam)
Penampakan Hantu Di Lantai Sekolah
Lafadz Allah-Muhammad Di Langit Kota Padang Saat Gempa Mengguncang
Lafadz Allah Di Telinga Manusia
Penampakan Wajah Misterius Saat Konser Band Di Bandung
Penampakan Di Jendela
Kuntilanak Yang Direkam Video HP Di Areal Tambang Batubara PITJ Sangata KalTim
(Untuk Mengecilkan File, Kami Merubah Format .3gp Ke .gif)
Penampakan Hantu Di Pintu Garasi
Pocong Yang Ikut Mengamini Paranormal Berdoa (Masjid Griya Loka BSD City)
Lafadz ALLAH Saat Tsunami Di Srilangka Yang Terekam Foto Satelit
Bayangan Hitam Misterius Di Dalam Kelas (SMPK Trimulia)
Penampakan Hantu Di SMA 1 Bae Kudus (2)
Penampakan Hantu Di SMA 1 Bae Kudus (1)
Sosok Misterius Yang Ikut Foto Bersama
Kabut Aneh Di Villa Narwastu Claket Pacet Mojokerto
Bentuk Kepala Pada Gumpalan Asap Merapi
Penampakan Cahaya Misterius Saat LDP KIR SMA Di Bogor
Penampakan Hantu Di Rumah
Penampakan Hantu Di Gunung Gede 2
Penampakan Hantu Di Gunung Gede 1
Penampakan Hantu Di Prambanan
Bentuk Gunung Yang Mirip Siluet Wajah Manusia
Lafaldz Allah Pada Potongan Buah Tomat
Lafaldz Allah Di Batu Akik
Lafaldz Allah Di Telinga Bayi
Lafaldz Allah Di Langit
The Eye Of GOD
Bayangan Mirip Pocong Di Warnet
Tangan Jin
Penampakan Hantu Didepan Toko
Penampakan Kuntilanak Di Puncak
Siluet Burung Unta Dari Gas Semburan Lumpur Sidoarjo
Lafal Allah Pada Ledakan Pipa Gas Pertamina
Penampakan Mirip Jelangkung Di Monkey Hill Bontang KalTim
Penampakan Kuntilanak Di Rumah Kost
Penampakan Sosok Misterius (Balikpapan, KalTim)
Penampakan Kuntilanak Di Kantor Saat Antri Absensi Pulang Kerja
Penampakan Hantu Gunung Gede
Penampakan Di Sekolah Trimulia Bandung, Kamera HP
Wajah Misterius Yang Ikut Terfoto Didalam Rumah
Penampakan Sosok Misterius Di SMAN Bengkulu
Fosil Manusia Raksasa
Penampakan Hantu Tanpa Kepala Di Palangkaraya
Penampakan Sosok Kepala Penuh Amarah Di Atas Langit
Wajah (Tengkorak) Misterius
Lafadz Allah Saat Tsunami
Penampakan Hantu Pocong Di Kantor (Jendela Kaca Dekat Pintu)
Penampakan Di Braga Depan Kimia Farma
Hantu Penunggu Pohon Nangka
Hantu Di Taman Yasmin Batam
Penampakan Sosok Bayangan Wajah
Penampakan Hantu Suster Di Kamar
Penampakan Di Brastagi
Sosok Misterius (Berambut Keriting Panjang) Di Cicurug Sukabumi
Penampakan Di Wana Wisata Curug Cimahi, Cisarua Bandung
Pohon Pinang Berkepala Manusia Di Jl. Sidodame Pulo Brayan Darat I Medan
Kabut Misterius Di Areal Bekas Semak Belukar (Kedaton, Bandarlampung)
Penampakan Kuntilanak Di Kamar (Polewali-SulBar)
Hasil Foto Yang Aneh, Bukan Dari Efek Gerak (Tono, Jimbaran-Bali)
Kabut Misterius Di Pangandaran
Penampakan Di SMPN 98 Lenteng Agung, Hari Jumat
Bayangan Misterius Saat Liburan Di Puncak
Penampakan Bayangan Misterius
Bayangan Misterius Dibelakang Kantor BRI Polewali
Di Intip Sosok Misterius Saat Sholat Ashar
Penampakan Pocong Di Air Terjun Cibodas (by Hendra - Warakas)
Penampakan Di Jendela Pintu LabKom SMK Texmaco Semarang 2006
Penampakan Hantu Wanita, Saat Pemotretan Dibelakang Tidak ada Orang (Samarinda, KalTim)
Asap Misterius Di Depan Patung Kuda, Denpasar Bali (Kamera HP)
Penampakan Bulatan/Bola Misterius
Penampakan Jin Di Sekolah (Jakarta Timur)
Penampakan Di Gua Jepang, Bandung (Moklet MKS)
Appearance Ghost In water Cargenbridge, Mount Gede
Appearance Ghost In the Field parking hospitals Griffith Leicester (Camera HP)
When the smoke mysterious Watch Bareng Inter VS AC Milan in Gillian Cafe, Plaza Semanggi
Appearance Women mysterious figure in Lampung
Appearance leg Genderuwo In Seserahan Events (London, 4 Feb 07)
Appearance mysterious figure in Residence
Appearance mysterious figure high school party in Palembang
Appearance In A mysterious figure-TOPIA
In nature the image of Regional Ciganjur, South Jakarta (HP Nokia 3200 camera, 11-Hour Night)
Wewe watchman Jembayan Layang
Keris mysterious appearance in the Camping Village Citameang, Mega A, Chandigarh
In Intip mysterious figure
Appearance Ghost In Taman Sari Yogyakarta
In appearance UNAIR
In the event the appearance MAKRAB Fak. Technical UGM (Jur. Technical Geomatika) In Wanagama Forest 1
In the appearance of Satan is the Walking Bus (Travel Back From Bali, Clock Night 9)
Appearance Floor Ghost In School
Lafadz Allah, Muhammad-In Heaven When Padang Earthquake Follows
In the ear of God Lafadz Human
The mysterious appearance Face Concert Band In Bandung
In the window appearance
Video recorded nature HP in coal mining area PITJ Sangata Kaltim
(To file dim, We're Changing the format .3 gp. Gif)
Appearance Ghost In Garage Door
Follow the pocoyo Mengamini Paranormal Pray (Mosque Griya Loka BSD City)
GOD Lafadz When the Tsunami in Sri Lanka recorded the Satellite Images
In the shadow of the mysterious Black Class (SMPK Trimulia)
Appearance Ghost In Ballachulish Holy SMA 1 (2)
Appearance Ghost In Ballachulish Holy SMA 1 (1)
The mysterious figure of the Joint Photo
Fog Weird In Villa Narwastu Claket Ladybank Mojokerto
The shape of the head of the Merapi cloud of smoke
The mysterious appearance Light LDP KIR high school in Bogor
In appearance Ghost House
Ghost in the appearance of Mount Gede 2
Ghost in the appearance of Mount Gede 1
Appearance Ghost In Prambanan
Similar forms of the Mount Siluet Human Face
He Lafaldz In Pieces Tomato Fruit
Lafaldz God In Stone carnelian
In the ear of God Lafaldz Infants
Lafaldz God In Heaven
The Eye Of GOD
In the shadow Similar Pocong Garnet
Jin hands
Ghost appearance in front of shop
Appearance nature at the top
Siluet Bird Camel From Gas outburst Lumpur Sidoarjo
In pronouncing Allah Pertamina Gas Pipeline Blast
Similar in appearance Jelangkung Monkey Hill Kaltim Bontang
In the House appearance nature Ingredients
Appearance mysterious figure (Balikpapan, East Kalimantan)
In nature when the Office Queued Absensi Home Work
Appearance Ghost of Mount Gede
Appearance In School Trimulia Bandung, HP Camera
The mysterious face of the Terfoto In House
Appearance mysterious figure in school Bengkulu
Human fossil giant
Without the appearance Ghost Head In Palangkaraya
Full Head figure appearance anger on the sky
Face (Tengkorak) mysterious
Lafadz God When the Tsunami
In appearance Ghost Pocong Office (Close Window Glass Door)
In appearance Braga Home Kimia Farma
Ghost writing jackfruit tree
In the ghost Park Yasmin Batam
Appearance figure Shade Face
Suster appearance Ghost In Room
In appearance Brastagi
Mysterious figure (curlyhead length) in Sukabumi Cicurug
In Wana Tour appearance Curug Howick, Cleland Bandung
Betel nut head man at Jl. Sidodame Pulo Brayan Land I Medan
In the area mysterious fog former bush (Kedaton, Bandarlampung)
In Room appearance nature (Polewali-Sulbar)
The results of Bizarre Images, Not From the Motion Effects (Tono, Jimbaran, Bali)
At the mysterious Pangandaran Fog
Appearance In 98 Lenteng Agung University, Friday
During the summer, mysterious shadows at the top
Shadow mysterious appearance
Mysterious shadows behind the Office of the BRI Polewali
In Intip mysterious figure now than I Ashar
In appearance Pocong water Cibodas (by Hendra - Warakas)
In the Appearance window doors LabKom SMK Texmaco Semarang 2006
Appearance Ghost Woman, When Taken behind No person (Samarinda, East Kalimantan)
Smoke mysterious statue in front of Horse, Denpasar, Bali (Camera HP)
Appearance sphere / ball mysterious
Jin Appearance In School (East Jakarta)
Appearance Cave In Japan, Bandung (Moklet MKS)




Penampakan Hantu Di Rumah Kosong Daerah Jakarta Selatan
Hantu Di Jembatan
Penampakan Makluk Hitam Raksasa Di Sekolah

Penampakan Kuntilanak Di Hutan
Hantu Di Jendela Saat Pemotretan Di Pabrik Gula Sondokoro Karanganyar
Hantu Asap Berwujud Kepala Monyet Saat Acara Pramuka Kwartir Ranting Sukaraja Tasikmalaya
Bayangan Hantu Berambut Putih Di Kaca Mata
Hantu Di Kantin Kampus
Penampakan Hantu Di Kali Bekasi, Keramat Lengkak

Penampakan Kuntilanak
Penampakan Wajah
Hantu Di Tangga Spiral Lt.3 Lawang Sewu Semarang
Penampakan Hantu Kepala Buntung Di Sungai Baduy
Penampakan Wajah Hantu Di Krian Sidomukti

Penampakan Di Universitas Medan Area
Kupu-kupu Dengan Sayap Bergambar Wajah Manusia
Asap Misterius Didepan Perpustakaan UNS
Penampakan Wajah Hantu Digudang
Hantu (Wewe Gombel) Di Belakang Temanku
Penampakan Hantu Di Kelas XI IA 2 MAN 2 Pahandut Palangkaraya
Penampakan Asap (Rokok) Berbentuk Burung Gagak
Hantu Kakek Di Kuburan Danyung Sukoharjo
Penampakan Di Rumah Kosong
Kabut Misterius Di Daerah Coban Pelangi Tumpang
Penampakan Makluk Misterius Di Tanjung Bidara
Fenomena Angin (Berwujud Tangan) Di Lapangan Merah Lubang Buaya
Penampakan Hantu Di Air Terjun Ci Gamea
Penampakan Di Photobox Citraland Semarang
Lafadz Allah Di Langit SMPN 14 Balikpapan
Kabut Misterius Di Cilegon Banten
Penampakan Hantu Berseragam Sekolah Di SMAN 1 Tarakan Kelas XII Bahasa
Penampakan Hantu Di Jembatan Lokasi Kecelakaan
Penampakan Hantu Hitam Di Genting Highland Malaysia
Asap Misterius Berwujud Makluk Mengerikan
Penampakan Kuntilanak Didaerah Gobras Tasikmalaya (Kamera HP)
Penampakan Kuntilanak Bersandar Pada Tembok
Penampakan Didalam Lift KPDJP (Kamera CCTV)
Penampakan Kuntilanak Di Jendela (Kamera HP)
Penampakan Saat Kecelakaan Di Pulang Pisau, Kab. Kapuas, KalTeng
Penampakan Bayangan Putih Di SMAN Balung
Wajah Hantu Pada Dedaunan Pohon, Kolam Renang Senayan
Penampakan 2 Hantu Dibawah Pohon SMAN 3 Jombang
Wajah Misterius Bermata Merah Di Halaman Sekolah
Penampakan Saat Acara Tasyakuran Di Pondok Permata Suci, Gresik
Penampakan Hantu Tanpa Wajah Saat Kelulusan, Pekanbaru
Sosok Putih Misterius Yang Ikut Latihan Marinir
Penampakan Bayangan Hitam Di Lawang Sewu

penampakan hantu kuntilanak dalam lift

penampakan hantu  kuntilanak dalam liftpenampakan hantu dalam lift
women's clothes with white float in front of your eyes, what will you do if you see them, when women appear in the elevator away your shirts with the typical. sweet and fragrant, with the sound of laughter is very strange, surely you will think that it is not human. but the ghosts are trying courage in your life as a man who has the most deajat high in the eyes of gods

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penampakan hantu misterius di tanjung bidaran

penampakan hantu misterius di tanjung bidaran
ghost appearance in the tanjug bidaran, I do not know where the ghost that appears clearly among them are Slick together. they are a set of young people who are Slick together with their friends. they appear in the back of the head with a ghost
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penampakan hantu di kuburan danyung dekat kampus aku di ATW surakarta

penampakan hantu di kuburan danyung dekat kampus aku di ATW surakarta
I also what it is like the ghost once lived in a place that people are searching for knowledge, but not witchcraft .....
That's the ghost of a bustling atmosphere during the day and quiet at night so cool? ghost is so
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penampakan wajah hantu di tangga turun lawang sewu semarang

penampakan wajah hantu di tangga turun lawang sewu semarang
you certainly know the famous lawang Sewu very horrific, where there is temapt stay for the ghost that is hard and rough. many victims ate at the ghost and the devil is in lawang Sewu, have you thinking when you descend the stairs suddenly appear face the terrifying ghost, the ghost laugh with mouth open wide, black eyes red face a very frightening.
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penampakan hantu di kantin

penampakan hantu di kantin
you can see the ghost with the white shirt, he stood near the shelves of food sales in the campus canteen of a private university that I know the place where. ghosts wear clothes that are raising the white ghost sekali.actualy like to live in a quiet place when the night arrived on campus as
ghost appearance in the canteen
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Hantu Asap Berwujud Kepala pada Acara Pramuka Kwartir Ranting Sukaraja Tasikmalaya

Hantu Asap Berwujud Kepala pada  Acara Pramuka Kwartir Ranting Sukaraja Tasikmalaya
the appearance of the ghost fire form, berasala a puff of smoke when the scouts at the ceremony Valvedditturai. according to the ghost stories that shaped the head guard. and it is very frightening for us who have never seen.
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taps ghost hunter/the atlantik paranormal society

I do not know what it athlantic Paranormal socety, I was just browsing in my yahoo and type in the keyword ghost once appeared banayak keyword ghost copy of barbed there and I really do not accidentally find these keywords, and may only keyword athlantic Paranormal socety. meningktkan blog traffic can saya.hehehehe ....
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ghost picture/gambar hantu

penampakan hantu ini adalah, bentuk dari seorang tentara yang sudah meninggal karena pertempuran dan di buang di semak-semak, ini adalah hantu tentara.ghost picture/gambar hantu

This is a ghost appearance, shape of a soldier who had died since hostilities and dispose of in the bushes, this is the ghost soldiers.
ghost soldiers wake up this time we are want to fight in the land rencong. This is a discovery and we are not looking for ghosts in the bushes. we do not intentionally, and with the face of fear we fled this time to see ghosts
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hantu setan jin iblis

hantu setan jin iblis
ghost jinn and Setan the devil is a nation creature creation, which also softer side too. it never is the devil jinn and demons because they are very frightening one. especially if they show their faces LorD uhhh, god forbid, the horrific boggard
The question often asked is "why God created the human soul that brings to the astray?" There is misunderstanding in this question. God has created man with two kinds of desire or yearning. The desire to encourage higher towards the improvement of human life for religious or spiritual. While the desire to lower related to the human physical presence to find and deal with these two desires are two kinds of soul, angels and the devil (Setan). The desire to lower physical required for human life, but this can be a pullback in pensucian lives when not restrained.
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Genie (Jin) in the Holy Quran is not Ghost/Spirit/Satan, but Human Being

Maulana Muhammad Ali on his book The Religion of Islam, Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha’at Islam, USA, Sixth Edition (Revised) 1990, stated that Genie (Jin) is not sprit, but human being. Be ready to be surprised:

The other use of the word jinn is with regard to men of a certain class1. Even the word devil (shaitan) or devils (shayatin), has been applied to men in the Quran, and the leaders of evil are again and again called devils (2:14; 3:174; 8:48; 15:17; 21:82). But the use of the word jinn when speaking of men was recognized in Arabic literature before Islam. The verses of Musa ibn Jabir “fa ma nafarat jinn”, which would literally mean, and my jinn did not flee, has been explained as meaning, “and my companions who were like the jinn did not flee” (Lane’s Arabic-English Lexicon). Here the word jinn is clearly explained as meaning human beings. And Tabrezi says, further, that the Arabs liken a man who is sharp and clever in affairs to a jinni and a shaitan. There are other examples in pre-Islamic poetry in which the word jinn has been used to denote great or brave men. In addition to this the word jinn is explained by Arabic lexicologist as meaning mu’azzam al-nas (Qamu, by Allamah Shaikh Nasr al-Huraini, printed at the Maimana Press, Cairo; Taj al-Aru, by Abu-l-Faidz Sayyid Muhammad Murtadza al-Husaini), i.e, the main body of men or the bulk of mankind (Lane’s Arabic-English Lexicon). In the mouth of an Arab, the main body of men would mean the non-arabworld. They called all foreigners jinn because they were concealed from their eyes. It is in this sense that the word jinn is used in Quran in the story of Solomon: “And of the jinn there were those who worked before him by command of his lord. They made for him what he pleased of synagogues and images” (34:12-13)2. The desciption of the jinn here as builder show them to have been men. And they are also spoken of as devils (shayatin) in 38:37, where they are called builders and divers and it is further added that some of them “fettered in chains” surely those who build buildings and dived in to the sea were not invisible spirits, nor do invisible spirits required to be fettered in chains. These were in fact the strangers whom Solomon had subjected to his rule and forced into service.

Foonote 1 Some authorities have held the word jinn is also applicable to the angels, but it should be borne in mind that it is in a strictly literal sense that the word has been so used. The literal significance of the word jinn is a being hidden from the human eye, and as the angels are also invisible beings, they may be called jinn in a literal sense. Otherwise they have nothing in common with jinn.

Foonote 2 A comparison with II chronicle (Bible) 2:18 would further clear the point: “ And he set three-score and ten thousand of them to be bearers of burdens, and four-score thousand to be hewers in the mountain”.

In one place in the quran jinn and men are addressed as one class or community (ma’shar)3. In this verse both jinn and men are asked the question: ”did there not come to you messengers from among you?” Now the messengers who are mentioned in the quran or tradition all belong to mankind, and the holy book does not speak of a single messenger from among the jinn. The jinn in this case, therefore are either non-arabs or the iniquitous leaders who mislead others. In one verse, it is stated that “if jinn and men should combine together to bring the like of Quran they could not bring the like of it” (17:88) while in another in an exactly similar challenge the expression “ your helpers” or “leaders” have been used instead of jinn (2:23). The jinn mentioned in the first section of ch. 72 are evidently foreign Christian since they are spoken of as holding the doctrine sonship (72:3,4). In 72:6, they are called rijal (pl. of rajul), which word is applicable to the males of human beings only (LA.). Again, in the 46th chapter the word jin has been used in the sense of foreigner when a party of the jinn is stated to have come to the the prophet and listened to holy book and believe in it4, because all the injunction contain in the quran are for men and there is not one for the jinn. This was evidently a party of the jews of Nisibus as reports show, and the quran speaks of them as believers in moses5. Commenting on this incident Ibn Kathir had quotes several reports from the Musnad of Ahmad, which establish the following facts. The prophet met a party of jinn at Nakla when returning from ta’if in the tenth year of call. These are said to have come from Nineveh. On the other hand, there is a well-established story that the prophet on his way back from Ta’if took rest in a garden where he met a Christian who was a resident of Nineveh; and the man listened to his message and believed in him. It may be that he had other companions to whom he spoke of the prophet, and that these came to him later on. Another party of jinn is said to have waited on him when he was at mekkah and he is reported to have gone out of the city to a lonely place at night time, and to have spent the whole night with them. And we are told that their traces and the the traces of fire which they had burned during the night were visible in the morning. When payer time came and the prophet said his prayers in the company of ibn mas’ud the narrator two of them them are said to have come and joined the service. They are supposed to have been Jews of Nisibus and were seven in number (IK. 46:29). The prophet went to see them outside Makkah, evidently because the Quraish would have interfered with the meeting and ill-treated any who came to seehim. At any rate the quran and tradition do not speak of the jinn as they exist in the popular imagination, interfering in human affairs or controlling the forces of nature or assuming human or any other shape or taking possession of men and women and affecting them with certain disease6.

Foonote 3 “O community (ma’shar) of jinn and men, did there not come to you messengers from among you, relating to you My messages and warning you of the meeting of this day of yours?” (6:131). Ma’shar is a class or community whose affair is one (Lisan al-Arab, by ImamAllama Abu-l-Fadzl Jamal al-Din Muhammad ibn Mukarram).

Foonote 4 “And when we turned towards there a party of the jinn, who listened to the Quran. Then when it was finished they turned back to their people warning them” (46:29).

Foonote 5 “They said: ”O our people, we have herad a book revealed after Moses, verifying that which is before it, guiding to the truth and to the right path” (46:30).

Foonote 6 Such ideas are unfortunately associated with the existence of jinn in the Gospel. The stories of Jesus casting out devils are more wondrous than fairy tales: “and devils also came out of many, crying out, and saying, Thou art Christ the son of God” (Luke. 4:41). A devil was cast out of adumb man and he began to speak (Mathew 9:33); a woman from Canaan had a daughter possessed with the devil and Jesus at first refused to cast out the devil because she was not an Israelie (Mathew 15:22-24); as many as seven devils went out of mary Megdalene (Lk. 8:2); the devils cast out of another two men were bsufficient for a whole herd of swine: “They went into the herd of swine: and, behold, the whole herd of swine ran violently down a step place into the sea, and perished in the waters” (Mt. 8:32). And this power of casting out devils was given to all

Long history Mummy Papua/ HANTU MUMI PAPUA WAMENA

Most people in the world mengidentikkan Mummy with Egypt because of the history of the Mummy of Pharaoh in Egypt. However, the long history of mummy also have people living in Papua.

In a study conducted in the late 1980s until the early 1990s, has seven mummy found in Jayawijaya regency and Yahukimo. Seventh Mummy are in:

(a) Kurulu Sub-District, northern city of
Wamena 3 mummy;

(b) Assologaima Sub-district, western city of Wamena 3 mummy,

(c) and a mummy in the district of Kurima District. Yahokimo is the only
female mummy.

From the seventh mummy, mummy only Werupak Elosak in the village of Aikima and mummy Wimontok Mabel in the village of Yiwika - Subdistrict Kurulu - Jayawijaya District, which is known by travelers to domestic and overseas to visit the Jayawijaya district because indigenous people the opportunity to the people outside to watch them. However, to see the mummy, mummy, the tourists have to pay.

Mummy Werupak Elosak (when the name is still alive) is approximately 230 years. The traditional clothing worn, such as koteka, still intact. He is the commander of war and died as a result of puncture wounds sege (spear). The wound is still clearly visible until now.
Werupak as the mummy find, in addition to honor service during his life, also because Werupak own request. He wanted to
mayatnya preserved.

This is different from the
mummy Wimontok Mabel. He is the head of a tribe. Wimontok war continue to have meaning. Because he lives during the war chieftain of strategists. Wimontok die of old age and give testament to the family that jasadnya preserved. In terms of size, the mummy is smaller than the Weropak. However, the conditions are better.

Every five years once held ceremony to roll kind necklace in the neck Wimontok. Cutting ceremony was accompanied by a pig. Fat from the pork and smeared it all over the body to mummify. Tersebutlah necklace from the age estimates obtained mummy, which is about 382 years.

The mummy is made by rolling out the sacred ceremony. Followed by evaporation remains for three months continuously. After a mummy, further treatment is handled men only. Because, according to local custom, women will make the touch mummy to be damaged and calamitous for women and the environment. Mummy, mummy is only placed in a wooden box and stored in pilamo, traditional houses special men.

Not all corpses / to find that, or be allowed to become a
mummy. Only the services that have large as the head of the tribe or clan war commander who allowed the customary mummify.

otzi si manusia es/ OTZI THE ICE MAN

Ötzi, is a mummy (Mummy) is the oldest ever found in Europe. Mummy, which is more than 5 millennium is found accidentally by two mountain climber, a pair of husband and wife from Nuremberg, Germany, called Helmut and Erika Simon on 19 September 1991. This congeal mummy found in glasier near the Austrian-Italian border. Although the location of invention in the Italian region, but initially fihak Italian authorities deal with a little averse to find these discoveries, which may only disangkanya human bones "modern" is injured or is likely to find soldiers remnants of war in Napoleon two centuries ago. Fihak Italy and Austria fihak leave to deal with all this rush to find these discoveries. The Austria at mengevakuasi successfully to find the city Innsbruck, Austria where to find it first identified.

Together find it also found some equipment and clothing such as the property of the mummy, sisa2 clothes, shoes, axes, knives and sarungnya and others. From identifying and from equipment that was found with the mummy, can be ascertained that the mummy came from the days of copper, or about 5,300 years ago. Originally suspected that the Ötzi died because of this landslide buried snow or snow storms affected. However, it appears that the alleged new Ötzi is likely died because of human sacrifice ritual, which often occur at that time.

When it is known that a mummy Ötzi is valuable because it includes the oldest mummy ever found in Europe, then try to claim fihak Italy fihak return from Austria of the "ownership" the mummy. Although fihak Austria and then to return the mummy to the fihak Italy, but the "problem" of the law who find the mummy is still a problem. Erika Simon, the wife finds the mummy (the husband Helmut Simon died in 2006) dealing with the middle of a Slovenian woman, Magdalena Mohar Jarc, and also the origin of a Swiss woman, Sandra Nemeth, who admitted to have found Ötzi before the pair Simon find it. The case up to now still hang in the court in Bolzano Italy.
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Mumi Gadis Inca di Musium Argentina

Mummy is called La Doncella or between; is a junior girl who died more than 500 years ago in a ritual sacrifice in the Andes Mountains.

According to the archeologists who found a mummy find in Argentina in 1999 and, mummy girl and two other small children accidentally left in the top of the mountains to die cold as offerings to the deity.

Johan Reinhard, a traveler from National Geographic, which led the expedition, describes the discovery while preserving the mummy as the best ever I see. (National Geographic News is a division of the National Geographic Institute)

High Country Archaelogical museum in Salta, Argentina, La Doncella show, the oldest victim of three other victims, for the first time exhibited to the public on 6 September.
Museum mummy was placed in a cooler box with a low-oxygen conditions to ensure that the mummy could still be better naturally.

While the mummy two other children are still kept in storage for further study, said one of the responsible museum. (nationalgeographic / Erabaru)
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