Foto penampakan hantu di Purwokerto


Photo penampakan hantu in Purwokerto.

Purwokerto digemparkan citizens by a ghost image penampakan hantu in the air the show in a local daily that published today, Thursday (29 / 1). Not surprisingly, many people do want to see the original photo is penampakan hantu. Photo penampakan the ghost is believed to have taken through the camera of a mobile phone on junior high students Kelurahan Mersi, Eastern District of Purwokerto. According to local people, it is not reasonable if penampakan sesosok to ghost caught camera.
Foto penampakan hantu di Purwokerto
Foto penampakan hantu di Purwokerto
In the photo appears four children each named Ewa (11), UTI (11), Nisa (11), and Bagas (14) is in style at difoto by Saras (11) using a mobile phone belonging to Bagas.

In the photo there is penampakan form sesosok body identified as the specter of long and cover the face without visible berbaju white feet, are behind them.

Strangely, these new penampakan clearly visible after the image is transferred to their computer Nisa is still sitting in the class 9 SMP Negeri Purwokerto 7.

According to Nisa, they come to berlima deliberately Pelus the river not far from the house for just berfoto-image. He also believes there is no other people around the location.

Surprised because, he showed the photo to other people. Especially when people say that the image is penampakan sesosok as a ghost, so make merinding.

Based on the information gathered, the location in the vicinity of children berfoto is the "wingit" (terrible) and often seen being smooth. Perhaps being more subtle story that inhabit the area that silt from the river.

Not rare events are often found strange the local people, of which there are people who are back, suddenly lifted his leg and played. Or there are people standing around that place, suddenly there is something that blow from behind.

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