penampakan wajah wajah hantu di belmez


Wajah-wajah Hantu di Belmez
Only a few people who have experience as family minatory Maria Gomez Pereira. Occurrence of the phenomenon of a sudden the image of the kitchen floor in their home. A similar penampakan egregious human face!

This extraordinary phenomenon occurred in a house in the area Belmez village near Cordoba, Spain. After occupying a house in the area 5 Real Street, Belmez, Spain, the incident was also begun. Maria Gomez Pereira family never thought that they occur at home Paranormal activity most horrid.

On 23 August 1971, the day a hot and dry, the child Mary was sitting in the kitchen with her grandmother's house was suddenly taken aback. He saw an image that suddenly appears on the marble floor. He tells the grandmother that directly so startled to see a snippet of the face is a little bleak. Growing furor at home all the images to see the human face with the sad expression and touch the kitchen floor in their home. No one is suspected of which can image that appears, going all the sudden.

Husband of Mary who want to become a house of gossip in the village, and then try to remove the image of the picture with all the way. However, something creepy is happening. Pictures on the floor tiles is not disappearing, but even ekspresinya change. Face is more sympathetic and more wide-open eyes!wajah hantu, penampakan wajah-wajah hantu di lantai, penampakan wajah hantu

In a period of time, images become hazy and it also disappeared, but then appear again. This process occurs in the time interval and time that can not be suspected. The fear and panic, so the husband decided to destroy the floor tiles in the kitchen and close it with cement.

A week later, the image of the face would appear in the second layer of cement that is new. This time more clearly than the first. With a sense of despair and fear of the climb, the family of Mary and the local government officials to conduct investigations.

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