Foto penampakan hantu di Purwokerto

Photo penampakan hantu in Purwokerto.
Purwokerto digemparkan citizens by a ghost image penampakan hantu in the air the show in a local daily that published today, Thursday (29 / 1). Not surprisingly, many people do want to see the original photo is penampakan hantu. Photo penampakan the ghost is believed to have taken through the camera of a mobile phone on junior high students Kelurahan Mersi, Eastern District of Purwokerto. According to local people, it is not reasonable if penampakan sesosok to ghost caught camera.
Foto penampakan hantu di Purwokerto
Foto penampakan hantu di Purwokerto
In the photo appears four children each named Ewa (11), UTI (11), Nisa (11), and Bagas (14) is in style at difoto by Saras (11) using a mobile phone belonging to Bagas.

In the photo there is penampakan form sesosok body identified as the specter of long and cover the face without visible berbaju white feet, are behind them.

Strangely, these new penampakan clearly visible after the image is transferred to their computer Nisa is still sitting in the class 9 SMP Negeri Purwokerto 7.

According to Nisa, they come to berlima deliberately Pelus the river not far from the house for just berfoto-image. He also believes there is no other people around the location.

Surprised because, he showed the photo to other people. Especially when people say that the image is penampakan sesosok as a ghost, so make merinding.

Based on the information gathered, the location in the vicinity of children berfoto is the "wingit" (terrible) and often seen being smooth. Perhaps being more subtle story that inhabit the area that silt from the river.

Not rare events are often found strange the local people, of which there are people who are back, suddenly lifted his leg and played. Or there are people standing around that place, suddenly there is something that blow from behind.
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penampakan wajah wajah hantu di belmez

Wajah-wajah Hantu di Belmez
Only a few people who have experience as family minatory Maria Gomez Pereira. Occurrence of the phenomenon of a sudden the image of the kitchen floor in their home. A similar penampakan egregious human face!

This extraordinary phenomenon occurred in a house in the area Belmez village near Cordoba, Spain. After occupying a house in the area 5 Real Street, Belmez, Spain, the incident was also begun. Maria Gomez Pereira family never thought that they occur at home Paranormal activity most horrid.

On 23 August 1971, the day a hot and dry, the child Mary was sitting in the kitchen with her grandmother's house was suddenly taken aback. He saw an image that suddenly appears on the marble floor. He tells the grandmother that directly so startled to see a snippet of the face is a little bleak. Growing furor at home all the images to see the human face with the sad expression and touch the kitchen floor in their home. No one is suspected of which can image that appears, going all the sudden.

Husband of Mary who want to become a house of gossip in the village, and then try to remove the image of the picture with all the way. However, something creepy is happening. Pictures on the floor tiles is not disappearing, but even ekspresinya change. Face is more sympathetic and more wide-open eyes!wajah hantu, penampakan wajah-wajah hantu di lantai, penampakan wajah hantu

In a period of time, images become hazy and it also disappeared, but then appear again. This process occurs in the time interval and time that can not be suspected. The fear and panic, so the husband decided to destroy the floor tiles in the kitchen and close it with cement.

A week later, the image of the face would appear in the second layer of cement that is new. This time more clearly than the first. With a sense of despair and fear of the climb, the family of Mary and the local government officials to conduct investigations.
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Penampakan hantu Kuntilanak di WC sekolah

Kuntilanak ghost photos I took this from one of the forum on the internet ghost, ghost Kuntilanak this is not the original engineering. when the children are doing in the toilet photos accidentally Kuntilanak ghost that appears behind the body. funds are also not directly Kuntilanak is a ghost image and in image. after, it's in print Kuntilanak specter that the results seen in the prints. and make all the people surprised with the results of this photogambar hantu, kuntilanak, asli foto kuntilanak
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Primbon Hantu-hantu wanita bermata merah

Primbon Hantu-hantu wanita bermata merah.One more photoshop hantu that i put from, this is very funny, a person was walking behind the man and it was captured, but may be because of the trick of the camera, the photo of the man behind was captured in blur. deppends on my oppinion, this photo was captured by mobile phone camera then edited my giving a big red dots in the eyes of the man behind. thi is a foto hantu :primbon hantu, penampakan hantu, hantu bermata merah, hantu wanita

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Gambar hantu gendruwo

hantu gendruwois the ghost sourche of people who are doing the ritual to find the strength supranatural so that people become hantu okgendruwo. ghost image gendruwo this time I take my friend was sitting in front of me and deliberately ti gendruwo that appears on the back ofmyfriend, is indeed frightening gendruwo.One another gendruwo ghost photos collection. this is very scary although i don’t know exactly what kind of ghost is it? i also can not determine is that real or not, all the image above is blur, may be if there is a paranormal who can helpme can describe the reality of the ghost. the paranormal also can determine the kinds of the ghost at the image above. thats look like a gendruwo ghost is not it?
gendruwo, foto hantu gendruo, setang gendruwo, penampakan gendruwo
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Penampakan Hantu Di bandung

Penampakan Hantu Di bandung
This picture is looked like an assian Asian horror cinema. it is not about foto hantu I’ve seen three from Kurosawa, including his Those descriptions may sound odd, but the films themselves are even more elusive. Kurosawa’s movies are not “hantu horror” the way us Americans know it. They’re artful meditations…morality tales. I HATE them. This foto hantu is really bad. Kurosawa can create atmosphere, but the films are painfully slow and numerous scenes exist for reasons I cannot fathom. I live in a subdivision built around a natural spring. this ghost picture was came from bandung. It’s nice it’s hard to find a place to live with so many trees, flowers, and water. I am seriously spoiled by the trees. It’s one of the reasons I now live on the same street where I grew up — couldn’t find this many trees anywhere else! if you have another scary picture then you can send it to us and we will pubish it through this blog.foto hantu-hantu
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Penampakan Hantu Gentayangan Di villa

Penampakan Hantu Gentayangan. Have you ever know about two Penampakan Hantu Gentayangan which is captured in one time? There are two foto hantu which is captured in this picture. Firstly as what you can watch on the picture above as the light which is flaying. Secondly behind the light there is some one or some think strange like human but I don’t know is the real human or that is a Penampakan Hantu Gentayangan. As the image source it is claimed that some thing behind the light is a ghost.
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Penampakan Hantu Di bawah pohon beringin

hantu di bawah pohon
Penampakan Hantu Di bawah pohon beringin
The Penampakan Hantu is arround us, but we dont know and we can not see them because they were available in another dimension. The plot of ghost revolves around the internet, asking are we really still “connected” to fellow human beings anymore? The Hantu answer: of course not. have you ever watch hantu kuntilanak ? With technology we’re actually more isolated. The ghost world is very similar and that shared loneliness creates a bridge between the two worlds. You will never see the Hantu although you are using he technology. The hantu-hantu don’t have an evil plan. They just don’t want to be alone. Ghost theme is that we live alone, and remain alone after death. There are no happy endings, and even the closest of people can never truly connect hantu-hantu
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Foto Hantu Dihutan

foto hantu di hutan have you ever go to the hantu in forest. yes some times forest is really scary, thre some thing that make us scary which is appear and looked like a ghost. Gendruwo ghost, much to the delight of my children and my cats. Woe to the lizard who gets anywhere near the path of my children. He is instantly deemed “Lizzy” and trapped in a cup and tormented for hours with different “homes” and occupations. Those that get near my cats often leave without their tails. hantu gendruwo ghost is looked like a monkey. Some time the hantu kuntilanak, they like clean pools because they like to use them AS BATHROOMS. And so my poor pool guy had to tell me that, unfortunately, we have a raccoon who has decided our pool is clean enough for his heinie, and he keeps leaving gifts on the top step of our pool. Which, first of all, EWWWW. And secondly, really? Seriously? I have a raccoon pooping in my pool? is this picture is looked like a ghost picture? i dont think so
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Video penampakan Hantu Kuntilanak Menangis

video penampakan kuntilanak menangis specter that are crying us this Hantu did not deliberately take the time with my friend I will return to the course, because the village is very quiet at night and not have people, Hantu we accidentally heard crying coming from the bushes that voice crying terndengar the ghost, and when I see a ghost with a noose ternya white dress with long hair saloon crying. and we had a record ghost tersdebut but only with a camera phone
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