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In Malaysia, most homes have roof and syiling. Usually, the roof will be shaped and pointed menajam to the top. This is to facilitate the flow of rain water down to the bottom. In between the roof and syiling home, surely there is space that is used to trap heat from the house down.

Empty space between the roof and syiling house is usually a place to live for all types of gnome and gnome. Temperature is always a hot penchant for fine beings to live in this space. Usually on the night Every once in a while you will hear noise, the noise in the quaint houses like the sound of plate guard, sounds kerusi withdrawn and various again. This is the noise generated by the fine creatures that inhabit empty space between the roof and syiling your home. After all of the incoming home to sleep, they will be down to play in the house.

Stories about the creatures of the fine roof of the more popular home when this is a bizarre entity known as Kebayan. He has the appearance as a woman who is very old as the age of many hundreds of hundreds of years. Mengeleber colored down-filled tuck tuck a very hodoh, dull eyes. Beads of red eyes and ferocious when the luminous dark. Kebayan wear as a nightdress is worn.

Kebayan will be waiting for your entry to sleep every night. When you first take me to sleep, Kebayan will go down and sit in your hand. When the eye but you are removing is not driven (still conscious). When this, you are advised not quite open eyes. If removing the eye has to sleep, take your eyes forward. Because if you open eyes, you will be sure to look Kebayan think you are. Kebayan will usually sit at the edge effect and you wait for your driven. If your eyes open and ternampak involved kebayan, he will be aware that you still have not driven and will sit more closely with you. Event, if you open eyes and surprised. Kebayan will also continue to scream and surprised mengilai in your room.

So every time you want to enter sleep, make sure you really sleepy. If not sleepy, do not lie in the eye and take a conscious. Kebayan because you will look ...

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